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Billions of people don’t have access to the health services they need

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Why we fight for Healthy Futures

No matter who we are or where we live, we all deserve the right to health. Yet every day,  billions of people are still denied opportunities like receiving vaccines, giving birth safely and leading healthy lives. 

Even before COVID-19, more than half of the world’s population still did not have access to all essential health services. The issues we have seen playing out in this pandemic – inadequate equipment, global shortages of health workers, and inequalities in access to healthcare – are those that have defined weak health systems for decades.  

We can change this, but we need you. By being part of this, you’re showing that a healthy future should be something we can all enjoy.  

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About this Campaign

Healthy Futures is a UK movement coordinated and run by Action for Global Health – a membership network of over 50 organisations and charities working together to champion health for all.
We believe that no matter who we are or where we live, we all deserve the right to good health.

Whether it’s having accessing to essential health care, seeing a doctor when you have concerns or getting your COVID-19 vaccine – everyone has the fundamental human right to a ‘Healthy Future’.

But for half of the world’s population who lack access to essential health services, this is not a reality.

Every year, 100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty due to healthcare costs, with the COVID-19 pandemic worsening inequalities between those who have access to healthcare and those who do not.
The impacts of climate change, such as rising sea levels, droughts and heatwaves, also continue to harm people’s health as we see the devastating effects of our changing climate on communities all over the world.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our Vision

Healthy Futures envisions a world where everyone has access to the quality healthcare they need without being forced into financial hardship.
The world possesses enough resources for everyone to have a Healthy Future, we just need the political will to ensure health no longer takes a back seat.

Our Mission

Through Healthy Futures, we hope to unite campaigners, just like you, to call on the UK Government to achieve our goal of health for all.
This is a new era for business not as usual.
We all have a part to play and we all need to show up.
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